Scott Morrison: the Denim Dream

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Behind every great brand label is a visionary who spent hours dreaming about it’s success. This is certainly true for the 3×1 label. Scott Morrison, a talented designer from California, was one of the earliest and most successful denim pioneers around 15 years ago when the industry experienced a boom in America. Back in 1999 Morrison launched Paper Denim & Cloth, followed by Earnest Sewn in 2004. After a decade of success with these, Morrison turned his attention to produced high quality and ethically manufactured denim jeans.

This is the philosophy that founded Best denim jeans from 3×1. Based in the New York flagship store on Mercer street in Soho, Morrison specializes this company in selvedge denim. The price may be high, but these jeans are certainly a matter of quality over quantity. With thriving success in this rarefied market, many people are wondering more about the inspired creator behind the bespoke jeans.


Early life hobbies and interests

Denim and designing weren’t always at the forefront of Morrison’s mind. He grew up in Palm Springs, California, essentially a retirement town. His childhood here meant he had access to the country club which flourished an interest in playing golf.

Along with this, he spent many hours skateboarding in the 1970s. As a product of the 70s and 80s, Morrison had a lifetime of exposure to denim. Wearing jeans and Vans sneakers was just part of the fashion trend back then. With this background, denim was just always part of Morrison’s life and eventually came to play a much bigger picture in it.

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Entering the denim business

Morrison knew the right people at the right time and became friends with a girl who worked at Theory back in the day. Her father, another useful contact, was a partner in Mudd Jeans. The right opportunity presented itself at the right time for Morrison. With confidence and youth on his side, he embarked on an opportunity to run Mudd Jean’s new category called Jack Jeans. With this, Morrison moved from Seattle to New York.

After about a year and a half at Jack Jeans, Morrison started turning his vision towards his own dreams. The work he did gave him better insight to premium denim jeans and gave him a direction. With conviction and determination, Morrison launched Paper Denim & Cloth. Within the first year he did $1.8 million and ramped up $40 million after a short amount of time. This was during the rise of the denim industry in America.

After five years of success and hard work, Morrison launched Earnest Sewn. This brand took a lot of inspiration from his travels and business trips around Japan. The aesthetics were largely centered around wabi-sabi and natural organic elements. This paved the way for Morrison to start focusing on ethical production of denim.

The idea of 3×1 emerged by the desire to create a concept store that no one had ever seen before. Morrison certainly did this by placing the factory right in the heart of the store so that customers could see raw denim and the real effort behind the production of a classic pair of jeans.